If you are considering starting a small business as a copywriter, it is essential to know how much you should charge your clients for your services. Many factors go into pricing a copywriting job, and the pay scale can vary wildly, depending on experience, talent and simple market conditions.

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:13 AM

Recurring earnings and residual income are two different terms that refer to the same financial concept. Both terms apply to money earned for work completed previously. This type of income lets an individual continue to receive payments on a steady basis even though the initial effort or work is done.

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:12 AM

There's a popular saying among freelance writers: Never put all your eggs in one basket. Freelance writing, for many practitioners, requires considerable time and expertise to generate a decent weekly paycheck. Cultivating the right mix of several clients helps keep work flowing at a steady, predictable rate and cuts down on the monotony of individual projects. Freelancing remains one profession where being a jack of all trades might pay better than being a master of one.

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:12 AM

The letter "c" inside of a circle – the copyright symbol on your keyboard – is recognized around the world as the symbol denoting a work's copyright, the Copyright Laws website says. The copyright specifies the owner of the rights to the work. The copyright symbol is usually followed by the name of the copyright holder and the year of the material's publication or first use. You may copyright almost any kind of written material, from a website to a book or poem. How and when you use the copyright symbol is determined more by custom than by law.

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:11 AM

Photo hosting sites allow you to share snapshots from the latest company event or pictures of upcoming products or promotions. However, if you're already using Shutterfly as a photo printing service, you don’t need to upload your photos to another website in order to share them online. You can even create photo books to share with clients and customers on your Blogger-hosted blog by creating a photo book-embedded Blogger page.

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:10 AM

Many people dream of making a living as a musician, painter, writer or other creative artist. But getting paid for your artistic work can present a hurdle, especially when you’re working on your own, without the benefit of a big promotional agency, gallery or publisher. Independent artists must think like any self-employed business person, finding new markets for their work and using all their connections to get the word out about their creations.

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:10 AM

Whether you are selling your own books or books by other authors, a blog is a useful tool for reaching new readers and turning those readers into customers. Writing a blog gives readers a chance to get to know you, as well as a chance to compare your likes and dislikes with their own. Always give readers the opportunity to know you by presenting yourself openly and honestly in your blog. The better your visitors get to know you, the more likely they are to accept your recommendations and buy a book from you.

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:09 AM

Unlike, say, working in fast food, comic book artists' income is ultra-variable. Are you drawing Superman or your own creations? How fast can you work? Do you have a fan base? Like many creative fields, your comic book art may make you rich, or you might still need a day job.

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:08 AM

Many new parents commemorate the birth of their children with baby portraits, which they then use to print birth announcements, give to family and friends and post online. If you own a baby portrait business, or are thinking of starting one, you surely recognize the earning potential of your venture -- babies are born all the time, meaning there will never be a shortage of clients.

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:06 AM

Small businesses have a hard enough time staying afloat financially without worrying about potential tax liabilities. The deductions or write-offs a business claims serve to lower any taxes on company profits, keeping your tax liability to a minimum. Maximize write-offs and deductions to keep extra dollars in your wallet when tax time rolls around

Published on: 7/17/21, 11:05 AM