Credit, in many ways, makes the business world go round. For a small business, credit may equate to obtaining a business credit card or establishing credit accounts with its suppliers. Either way, credit allows small businesses to operate without necessarily having cash on hand. If you’re interested in starting a credit business yourself, you make money off the interest you charge your clients.



Establish an interest rate. Determine the interest rate you wish to charge credit account clients. Refer to the usury laws for your state to make sure that you are not charging an excessive interest rate. In Texas, the maximum interest rate on a loan is 6 percent. Credit cards, business loans, commercial loans and open-ended accounts are an exception to this rule.



Extend credit. Choose the types of customers you wish to extend credit to and what type of credit you wish to extend. You can offer credit cards if you have a bank to issue the cards for you or you can register as an affiliate for a credit card program, where you receive a commission for each customer who registers with the credit card issuer.



Charge credit customers interest. Bill customers on a monthly basis for the charges they have made or for the use of the credit card. For balances that carry over from one month to another, charge the client interest on the balance. The interest charge is money you earn from the credit account.



Charge late fees. For customers who do not pay their account on or before the due date, charge a late fee. In addition to the interest you charge customers, late fees are another way of making money from a credit business.

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