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Tracking Programs

Sometimes you need to track down your family members

In this article, we will introduce some of these applications to you

Sygic Family Locator

Sygic has offline 3D maps

Most installed GPS offline apps in the world

. Sygic provides the most accurate real-time traffic information with data collected from 500 million users worldwide.

You can track your children even without an internet connection

In this program, you can identify dangerous situations for your children

And if you travel to these places, it will send you a message



Life360 app guide for parents (keep track of your children)

  • Life360 Family Locator is an instant location sharing application
  • This app uses GPS location data to report users' location
  • To use the program, they install the program on their device and register
  • Users specify their traffic points on the map while using this application
  • Users can send messages to their family through the app
  • With Driver Protect, users can see the speed or high speed of their friends or family
  • They are texted while driving or have been involved in a car accident
  • In the event of a car accident, the program will contact the user involved and send emergency services if necessary.


Sprint FamilyWall

Helps you monitor the whole family

Stay in touch with them.

Creates a platform for sharing photos as well as locating all family members.
You can set tasks and to-do lists as well as reminders for the whole family.

Members can share their location with you.
The downside of this software is that it only offers a 15-day free trial,
it lacks some features that others excel at but a great way for families to Communicate with each other

Maybe for those who have older children or even children who can be informed of their whereabouts.


Verizon Family Locator

A great programmer with safety features and guidance to current family members' locations as standard.

It helps you to know exactly where your family members are at any given time

In case of any problems, you can access them in the best way.

It also provides a medium-speed control vehicle for tracking teens who may be inexperienced on the road.
. The app is also not readily available through the Apple App Store or Google Play, which makes it a bit inconvenient.

GPSWOX Family Locator

 Notifies you when one of your family members's mobile battery is low

Sends you an up-to-date location in the notification area,

So you will not panic if your child or spouse is not in contact.

You can also set alerts for members to reach a specific location

Track the speed of young and experienced drivers in the family.

The app also lets you check past 30 days of traffic,

So you can see exactly where someone has been at any given time.
This program offers many positive points like other programs mentioned with some additional safety features different from the package.  


Alternative applications

You can also use the following applications

Find My Friends

Like the mentioned applications, you can use this program to track your children

This program is provided free of charge for the first 30 days

telegram and whatsapp

You can share your location online in these two messengers

google map

You can share your location online

Android Device Manager / Find My iPhone

You can also track the location of your friends and children by defining an account in the Android Device Manager / Find My iPhone options on Android and iOS phones

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