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install Android x86

You may also have a computer or laptop at home that is very old in terms of hardware and does not support new and modern operating systems, and you need to buy a new laptop or computer, but due to rising prices Dollars are not possible for you. In this article, we are going to turn your old laptop or computer that is no longer usable into a newer operating system such as Android.


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You need two tools to install Android on your computer or laptop

1- The image file of the Android operating system, which can be downloaded from this link , depending on the type of processor, download the 32-bit or 64-bit version.

2- Software to convert flash memory to rufus boot disk, which can also be downloaded from this link .

After downloading these files, run the rufus software and select the Android ISO file from the select menu. Make sure your flash memory is selected in the top bar. Then, if your laptop or computer has uefi, adjust the settings as shown below. Do it.


If your computer or laptop boots from the BIOS and does not have uefi, make the settings as shown below.


An empty flash drive according to the capacity you downloaded from the Android file, connect it to your device, make the desired settings, select the Android image file and click Start. Keep in mind that all the information in your flash drive will be erased. .

When done, connect the created flash to the desired device and enter the boot menu of the device and select your flash memory in the boot menu.

After selecting the flash memory, the following screen will show you that the first option is run live and will not be installed. The second option is for debugging in case of emergency and the third option is normal installation. You are no more.


The fourth option will teach you how to install faster and easier, but keep in mind that all your hard disk data will be erased. You can use the third option to prevent it.

Select the fourth option and in the next menu, select the fourth option again as shown


On the next screen, select your hard drive and click ok




On the next page you will be warned that you have selected the automatic installation option and all your data will be deleted (described earlier) Click on yes to start the installation process.



After installation, the following menu will be displayed



Click on reboot option to restart the device and after launching the following screen will be displayed for you



In this section, click on the first option and the Android operating system will be loaded on your device and enter the first settings. If for some reason the device does not boot normally, use the Advanced Options option, and then on the next page, the third option, ie the option. Click on no hardware acceleration




Congratulations Android operating system was easily installed on your device and you only need to make the initial settings, including the name for the device, language selection and location area, setting the date and time, and internet connection, as well as entering the Google account.

Tip To connect to the Internet, you need wireless because the Android operating system does not normally support LAN connections.

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