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3 ways to win money online:

  1. Sell your Instagram pictures online

If you are one of those people who just love taking photos and you enjoy choosing filters and effects for your Instagram pictures, this might be the right thing for you! Companies like Foap enable you to offer your pictures for sale. Register, upload pictures, and wait for someone to recognize your talent and buy your masterpiece!

2) Fill out simple paid surveys online

Filling surveys was always a cool thing, right? Well, why don’t you do it for money? There are several websites used for filling in paid surveys where you can share your opinion on lots of stuff and earn cash! The time you invest in it is negligible, so why not? Right before sleep perhaps, do a survey and go to sleep knowing that you just earned some extra cash!

3) Leave your computer ON and win money

Ok, this one goes like this: you just install an app, leave your computer on and you will win some money. That’s right, you read it well! Those apps only need your PC turned on and on idle so they can use your system for some checks. And they are safe for use. And they pay you for using your computer. Pretty much unbelievable, but true!

Hey you, let’s win some money online!

So, there you have it! As simple as that. If you are interested in that easy money, go ahead and try these tips. We told you at the beginning that it takes minimal effort. And for the end we have an additional tip – go to bed, take your computer, post new cool pictures on Foam, fill one interesting survey on MetroOpinion and go to sleep… And don’t forget to leave your computer idle so you can win even more money!

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